BOT & Management
The Context 
"The health of the school depends upon having a responsible and effective system of governance which assures that the school remains true to its purpose and has the necessary resources to support its operation."

BOT Responsibilities
The Board of Trustees’ responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  •  Being responsible for the institution and its purpose as a whole, and not for the separate constituencies. 
  • Planning, developing and establishing policies.
  • Setting the policy of the financial condition of the school, approving budgets and monitoring them (checks and balances).
  • Ensuring that the physical plant of the school serves the purpose of the school.
  • Organizing and managing itself to fulfill its duties with bylaws, policies and procedures. 
  • Contracting, if and when needed, educational or other consultants to oversee the school's development, advising on the hiring criteria for the School Principal, assisting in recruitment and training, and developing the school's improvement plans in line with the school’s purpose and direction. 
  • Appointing the School Principal and the School Auditor. 

BOT Members

Present Board members are:

  •  Mr. Shukri Husni ................... Chairperson - Education Committee
  • Mr. Rafael Khlat .................... Vice-Chair - Finance Committee
  • Dr. Nabil Husni ...................... Member - Education Committee 
  • Mrs. Rose El Kareh ................ Secretary - Education Committee 
  • Ms. Roula Rustom ................. Member - Education Committee 
  • Mr. Sleiman Nasr ................... Treasurer - Finance Committee
  • Mr. Theodore Matta ............... Member - Legal Council


The School Principal

Mrs. Farhat El-Hassan holds a degree in Early Childhood Education from the Grant MacEwan College, Canada. After working a few years in Edmonton, she moved to the north of Lebanon where she got actively involved in creating a Preschool program in all its aspects for a local school in the area. 

In 1999, Mrs. Farhat El-Hassan was invited to join a team of dynamic educators at School Development Consultants (SDC), whose goal was to implement educational standards following the framework for 21st century learning. Mrs. Farhat El-Hassan was recruited as an SDC consultant and trainer for various schools across Lebanon and the Arab world. Her tasks included conducting needs assessments, developing school improvement plans through strategic and annual action plans, designing and delivering training programs/in set workshops for school improvement planning as well as Early Childhood Education. 

From 2001 to 2003, she headed the Preschool and Elementary Sections at LWIS-USL, and continued to be the main source of educational planning for Preschool for all Learner’s World International Schools. Since 2003, Mrs. Farhat El-Hassan has been the Principal at LWIS-USL. Since most of the SDC schools have been accredited by NEASC/AdvancEd and other agencies that conduct inspection within their respective countries, Mrs. Farhat El-Hassan has had the privilege to be chosen to serve as a peer evaluator on a number of accreditation visiting teams in different countries.  

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