Rationale & Beliefs
  • We believe that learning is the chief priority and that the child’s educational program should be a shared responsibility involving the home, school, teacher, and learners. 
  • We believe that our curriculum must be flexible, challenging, and ever changing so that each child will achieve success and satisfaction in life. 
  • We believe in an educational program that helps to develop the whole child in the cognitive, affective, social, aesthetic, and physical domains. 
  • We believe that the school should provide a safe environment and an educational program to meet the needs of each child so that he/she is encouraged to function at his/her full potential. 
  • We believe that each child should be provided with opportunities to establish him/herself both as an individual and a member of a group. 
  • We believe that educational experiences should enable learners to communicate effectively, solve problems competently, think critically and creatively, and behave responsibly. 
  • We believe that integrating technology in a meaningful way enables learners to develop information technology skills and be updated with most recent advances in computer education. 
  • We believe in promoting awareness at the social, environmental, and multicultural levels.


We are committed to developing the abilities of all our learners, honoring their different learning styles, multiple intelligences and cultural backgrounds. To ensure a personalized education service, the number of learners in each of our classes does not exceed 24. Each learner’s experience will be designed to cater to his/her individual needs with the goal of guiding him/her towards academic excellence and an enthusiasm for learning.

Dynamic Programs

Curricula and academic programs at LWIS-USL are dynamic. They are designed to meet the Lebanese curriculum requirements, while also offering the American High School Program. Curricula are diverse and adaptable to goals and changes, utilizing the latest research and development in international education with the application of the most innovative teaching methodologies.

Exceptional Staff

Highly qualified, creative and experienced teachers working closely with our reputable international consultants will provide our learners and their families with a solid wholesome academic and social experience. We are committed to developing the abilities of all learners, honoring their different learning styles and academic needs, while also promoting academic excellence and enthusiasm for learning.


Because multilingualism needs to be cultivated in young minds, starting early in their academic journey, our learners will be exposed to using three languages: Arabic, English and French.


Parents, learners, school staff, and other members of the school community will actively work together in a partnership that we believe in:  laying down the foundation of our success and that of our students.

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