Health Services
All new LWIS-USL parents are required to fill in a school medical record. All LWIS-USL parents are required to update their children’s medical records yearly. The report cards of students who did not fill in or renew their medical records will be withheld by the school administration. 

A clinic is located in school premises and is staffed by a qualified nurse. In case of a medical complaint, a student should first request teacher permission to visit the nurse. If the teacher feels that the visit is indeed warranted, the student will be allowed to visit the nurse.  If the situation is more severe, the school nurse will liaise with the head of section or school principal who will contact the parents if necessary.

Visits to the clinic should be kept to a minimum, except in the case of serious illness, emergencies, or for students who must take regular medication.


The student should report any accident, no matter how minor, to a teacher immediately. In the case of severe accidents, emergency care will be given, and the parents will be notified before the student is taken to the emergency unit of a hospital in the vicinity of the school.  A teacher or staff member will accompany the student to the hospital, and parents would be expected to meet their child at the hospital.  In any case, if surgical or any medical application is required to be done to the child, the parent’s consent will have to be secured. Most LWIS-USL staff have been through a first aid course with the Lebanese Red Cross.

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