Learning Support Services

Research clearly indicates that the use of individualized teaching and learning is needed in order to nurture learners’ multiple intelligences and to accommodate their learning styles; hence the use of active and cooperative learning. These teaching and learning strategies are employed ot implement the multi-level system so that challenged learners are supported and gifted learners are enriched.

Modified and Individualized Educational Programs (IEP) will be offered to meet each learner’s academic potential. Qualified and certified Special Education experts will be hired to ensure the highest standards in fulfilling the special needs of the learner population in an inclusive approach. We will endeavor to provide support for learners with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, mild developmental delays, and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, in addition to those with lack of or gaps in academic, social, emotional and behavioral skills.

The Learning Support Department will provide different types of support depending on the difficulty and general level of performance of the learner, which include:

In and Out of Class Support: Extra support given out of class for the same subject and material; the learner would also be learning in the regular class with support from special educators.

Special Programs: These are designed for learners who find it difficult to follow the mainstream program.

Out of Class Remediation: Some learners follow some of the regular curriculum objectives through modified teaching methods in small group instruction settings.

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